Made it!

I have now survived my first week of working and going to school.  Over all I think it was a good week. I haven’t learned much that is new but I am sure in due time I will. I have A LOT of work to do. My instructor (I have for all 3 class I am taking) wants us to work ahead of what we are doing in class.  This means that I need to have so knowledge of what I am doing before we get to class. So getting ahead now is what I have to do this weekend. I am sure that I can do it, actually, I know that I will because I really don’t have a choice.

I thought that this week would be easier since it was the first week but I was wrong. I offered to make dinner for friends and do make cupcakes for Kendra’s class on top off all the regular stuff and adjusting for school. So my lesson learned this week was to not do so much the first week of class or even for that matter the second week. After that it is still a play it by ear.

I do have to say that I have an awesome husband who has picked up the slack around here for me. He has taken on dishes, some laundry, and the kids. He has done an awesome job. I am totally blessed to have him as a husband. God knew what he was doing in creating him just for me.

The kids are a little confused as to why mommy is leaving in the morning after she didn’t work the night before but they will get used to it.  Kendra told me on Thursday that she didn’t want me to be a nurse or go to work that she just wanted me to be a Mom. I explained to her that I can be a nurse and be a mom to her at the same time. I think that she would just rather we all stay home all the time.

So here is to week 2. I am sure that you will be as good as week one if not better.


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