Plugging Along

I am just plugging along. Getting things that need to be done finished up and done. I of Monday I finished my last crap class that I have to take in so that I stayed on the wait list for clinicals because next Tuesday I will officially start my classes. I am so glad all of that is over and done. I am now onto more new and exciting things. I might actually get to blog more because on Tuesdays I will have an hour and a half lull between classes to get school work done, blog, pray, eat lunch, ect. I am looking forward to that time alone and being able to do my own thing. Who knows though I might end up with a friend to do things with too in my clinical lab group. We will see how things go.

I am looking forward to the little bit of a break that I will get inbetween classes. I have enjoyed sometime reading, getting things around the house caught up, but mostly I have enjoyed watching lost season one with my husband. Yep last night we spent from 8pm to midnight watching the end. He just can’t stand it that he has to wait for me to watch the next episode but he is doing well waiting. He is usually watches Heros in the meantime.  The kids were sad to see me go into work tonight because they have enjoyed having me at home. I don’t know what they are going to think come time for me to go to school and I am not home that often. We will also see how my schedule works out as for me getting to school.

Ephriam is plugging right along. I need to call the developmental and behavioral ped to see if we can get things back and moving for him. There has been a little bit of a miss hap with them and I am quite disappointed but still need to fight for Ephriam.  He has been talking up a storm which has been great. He has been a joy to have at home.

Kendra is working at getting all of her toys taken away due to writing, drawing, coloring, painting, and taking apart things that she shouldn’t. I am not sure why she is being so distructive but we are hanging in there. She usually a joy to have and it might be her age or the weather. She hasn’t been able to go outside for weeks now and I think that is killing her. I try to keep her busy inside but that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Hoping that maybe she will snap out of this soon. We will see. She is doing well in school and looks forward to going to Kindergarden next year.

Christopher is hanging in there taking on the Daddy Daycare roll while I work. He is doing a good job so far but his job is going to only get harder as the year goes on. He is still looking for a job and I just know that when God wants him to have the perfect job he will. He just needs to keep looking.

Well I think that is it for now but look for more post as the week goes on.


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