Taking Turns

Well I think it is a great idea for kids to take turns, as in sharing, but this my kids taking turns getting into trouble is getting old fast.  Ephriam is usually a good kid that stays out of stuff that he isn’t suppose to be into. However, today is a different story, today he decided that it would be a great idea to get the bag of American cheese out and spread it on my living room floor and probably share with his sister. When I talk about bag of American cheese I mean we buy it at Sams in a huge block with 4 breakable  stack and he had almost a full 2 stacks.  The back half of the cheese because I freeze the other two and these were ones just recently pulled from the frig. Yes that is a whole lot of cheese. His sister didn’t rat him out either so she is just as guilty as he is because she knows they aren’t suppose to be in the frig with out asking first. So now not a week has gone by since the middle of January that someone hasn’t ruined or gotten into something that they shouldn’t have. I thought that maybe it was just that the kids needed some sunshine and fresh air but I am not thinking so. Kendra has been good this week and almost got a toy back but was found out of bed last night so lost that. Otherwise she has been a gem this week. Maybe it is because she got some individual attention or maybe it took all the way to taking her toys away to get that we aren’t messing around here. Ephriam is so much harder to talk to though because he really doesn’t get it. He knows that he got in trouble because Chris spanked him but when asked why he was in his room he couldn’t recall. Hopefully at some point he will be able to but for now we just have to keep on him to stay out of the frig. It might involve locks and gates but he will get the point. For now I am praying that Double Trouble stays out of the Trouble.


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