This term

Well I am almost finished with my first week of my second of seven terms. This term is suppose to be the hardest of all of them. So far I have read 13 chapters and did one chapter of Nursing Math.  I did find out in the 6 chapters that I read for theory class that it was 2 weeks worth of reading instead of one. I have my first quiz next Thursday, well except the Math test I had to get a 90% to continue in the program. The good thing was that I got 100%.  I think that I will do fine.

The tough part of this week has been that the kids are on Spring Break and I haven’t gotten to enjoy as much of them as I would have liked. We did go to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum to see all the airplanes, spaceships, and missles. Ephriam could hardly stand himself to get to the door, he was pulling me with him. By the end of the day he was really pooped out. Kendra by the end needed a piggy back ride because she was getting so tired. I am hoping to post pictures soon but you know how that goes. I have to get them off the camera and such and with school right now I am not sure I will get to it as soon as I hope.

My husband has rocked at getting things done around the house. He has really been a great help. I hope that he continues to be as much help as he has. I know too it is killing him to not watch the next Episode of LOST either and he is trying to be patient in watching the next episode.

All of the rest of my family has been really supportive too of my schooling. I know it will be worth the lost of sleep in the long run.

Well it is time for me to work out so I can eat a nice filet tonight.


Happy 30th to Me!

Today I am 30 and proud of it! (I also think the cake above looks fantastic.) To me today is just another birthday. I mean I don’t think that turning 30 is anything special. I DO like to celebrate my birthday because God protected me in my mother’s womb so that I could be here today but that is another story for a different day. I am excited to eat cake and ice cream today and am unsure of what sort of surprises that my family will have in store for me. I am sure that there will be good food to go around as well.

As I reflect on my last year in my 20’s I would say that it wasn’t all that great. I lost my grandmother, my husband lost his job, and more stress was added to life. However I have TONS to be thankful for. I have THE BEST family in the whole world, every. last. one. of. you. I count all of you as blessing, especially Christopher, Ephriam, and Kendra who are in the trenches with me everyday. I also have been able to starting nursing school and fulfill a life long dream. Next big dream to fulfill is a missions trip. I am on my way to a healthier me by eating right and exercising. Each day is a new beginning.

This year I want to be a happy year. I am longing for good things to come. Only time will tell.

So here we go to face the day in a whole new decade of my life!


Twitter/Facebook updates

Okay I was have the issue where my blog posts were not coming through to my twitter or facebook page. This has lead to a decrease in people hitting up my blog. However I think that my husband has fixed it so that you all can now see it on Facebook and Twitter! Hoping that this gives me a better idea as to how many people are here everyday and it lets you know that I haven’t stopped blogging while in school. I will still be around from time to time to give updates as to what  is going on. Hope that you all enjoy and look forward to blog posts cranking out.


Spring Break?

Well I guess you would call it spring break. It just really is the week in between terms at school but it starts today. I am glad to have a break and am preparing myself for next term. I won’t find out till Tuesday what my schedule for the next term looks like. I really hope that I get one of the sections that I wanted for classes but I guess we will see which one I get. I know that which ever one it is it, I am suppose to be in that  section. Part of me wants the 1st section that I signed up for because the lab is in the afternoon but yet the second section I signed up for has clinical closer to my house. We will see.

So what am I doing for spring break? Well you know I still have to work so I won’t be going anywhere but I will be watching LOST like it my job with my husband and maybe doing some fun reading. I might even get my school books and get a head start on my work for the start of the next term. My instructor this term said that I would about 3 times the amount of reading to do for next term. I will be taking my kids to school and picking them up as much as I can. I will be hopefully playing outside with them or doing crafts inside. Depending on the weather.

My kids aren’t off till the following week so our spring breaks don’t match up. I am sure that Chris will have lots planned for them while they are on break.

So what are you doing on your spring break? Or you kids’ spring break?


The man I love.

Not sure where this picture is from but I like it. Maybe not his fav but I like it.

He has such a sweet smile and a laugh that is contagious.

He is fun loving and a great dad.

He loves God 1st.

He is a great listener.

He makes me feel graceful in my words when I talk to him, even when I am most likely not.

I am not sure what I would do with out him.

He supports my hopes and dream.

He is willing to sacrifice so that his family has the best.

Nope it isn’t our anniversary of any sort.

I just want everyone to know how much I love him.

Testing Automatic Tweets

I want my blog to automatically tweet, so I have put my fantastic husband to work because he knows about this kind of stuff.  This is a test post and hopefully it works. If this does work then when I publish this post it will automatically send a tweet out via my Twitter account letting all of my friends know that I have published a new post.

Here goes nothin.