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Life Savers

This term at school has been full of life savers. You know people who have saved me through this term.

1st there is Christopher the dear love of my life. I know that being the primary house keeper, dishwasher, laundry folder, and kid care around. He has been the one to go the extra mile and do things that right now I just can’t do. I thank him taking Ephriam every week to speech therapy and getting up early to go to OT every other week. He also took Kendra to have her hair cut when she needed it and I wasn’t able to take her. He has LONG days with the kids when I have just not been here between school in work. He has also been the best encourager so that I can make it through school. He has encouraged me to keep going and telling me how great I am at school. He says thing like “if I would have studied half as hard as you are…” He has gotten through this terrible week of WAY less sleep then what a person needs. He has told me to keep going after my terrible test score on Tuesday that I can bring it back up.

2nd there are Ephriam and Kendra. You guys don’t know how much you are really sacrificing so that your mom can fulfill a long time dream. Even on the day when you don’t see me much you are always there to hug and smile for me. You brighten even the toughest of days with talks of cuddles and surprises. I know that when I am done you will be so proud of me.

3rd to my Mom and Dad. Even though you aren’t in the mist of the mess of what is my everyday life right now. You understand the sacrifice that I am making to better myself. You have been life long cheerleaders in my corner always encouraging me to live out my life long dreams. Mom I love the e-mails that tell me to keep with it. I need those somedays and I hope that in the end you are proud of how hard I have work to become a nurse.

4th to my in laws. You all rock. Thank you for family dinners and the encouragement to keep going. Thank you for being there to help out Chris with the kids when needed. All of you have mean a lot to me.

Lastly thanks to all my classmates in us working together to make it through this term. You all rock! Keep up your hard work and soon enough we will be RNs! Life for all of us is crazy right now but hang in there and come out on top.

Thank you so much to all of you who have been a part in making it through it. You ROCK!