10 more weeks!

I am finally in the home stretch of school. Just 10 more weeks and I will be done with Nursing School! I will just need to pass NCLEX and so far from my practice ATI test I should be able to pass so long as I sleep the night before the test. It is not recommended that you work all night and take the test. I have not done so hot on my test when I have done that.

These next 10 weeks will be me working 4-5 12 hour shifts plus going to class 2 days a week from 9-12. I will work 3 of my 12 hour shifts at my regular job and then the other 1-2 with my preceptor. Luckily all my 12 hour shifts are at night to keep a more consistent schedule for me. I hope this too brings about more sleep for me. We will see how it goes. I just know that I have made it this far I can get through 10 more weeks!

I don’t know who is most excited about me being done me, my mom, or my daughter. Kendra has my whole summer booked of things to do with her and Ephriam. My mom will be glad that I will be able to sleep and feel rest. I too will be glad of all those things not to mention my house will be clean and I will get to do some fun things just for me. I have gained about 20 lbs while in school and I am hoping to take that off too. While updating my resume, studying for NCLEX, taking NCLEX and such.

So here is to kicking the next 10 weeks in the booty!