Here Comes 2014

So 2013 has been a really good year for us Walkers. Lots of great blessings this year which you can see some here.  So here is what I hope is in store for us for 2014. These are goals and not resolutions. Resolutions are usually broken by the end of January and I want this these to be life changing.

1. Project get Health: This is not about loosing weight or just eating healthy this is all around feel good health. I am sure that we will eat well and loose weight at the same time but it is totally about getting healthy. As I have a family history of heart disease and blood cancer. I want to be able to at 90 still take care of myself and I can only do that if I am healthy. So here is to eating exercise and loosing some weight.

2. Blog/write more. I want to post here once a week. Not for you my readers but for me. This is an outlet for me. I place where things go and I can document life and yet brain dump. I also have a notebook that is just for me where I hope to write in.

3. Read more. Read more books for fun, my Bible, and get more educated. I really want to read more. Yes this means turning off the TV and having lazy days of reading.  I am hoping that our finances will be in order enough for me to go back to school on line through UC and get my BSN (Bacholors Science of Nursing) we will see though.

4. Explore! I want to try new foods, see new places! I want to explore all sorts of new. We will see how this goes as there are time and money restraints but we will see.

5. Relax more and enjoy life. My kids are getting older and pretty soon they won’t want anything to do with me. I want to enjoy them now. In the moment. Play more. Do less adult stuff. Enjoy more through their eyes. I just want to be in the moment.

How about you? What do you want to change in your life for 2014? What goals do you have?

End of 2013

Well the New Year is around the corner and here are some highlights from 2013:


1. We took our first family of 4 vacation! – We have taken vacations before but they have always been with other family. This year we ventured to Myrtle Beach and enjoyed the Atlantic Ocean just the 4 of us.  We had a great time with no schedule to go anywhere.

2. I am continuing to work at Fort Hamilton on IMC. I love my job!!!! I love the fast pace, the people I work with, and my boss. I have had lots of training in 2013. I am offically Critically Care trained, ACLS trained, and have just recently started being the relief charge nurse. I am blessed to get to use my gifts God has given me each day.

3.  I was able to travel with my mom and aunts to my cousin Susan’s house in Tampa. I got to enjoy some cultural in St. Petersburg and visited an art muesum. It was different as that is not something that I would have picked to do. I did enjoy it being almost 90 in April.

4. For my birthday this year Chris and the kids’ surprised me with tickets to the Red’s game! I LOVE baseball and oh how much fun it was to go watch our home team play ON my actual birthday!

5. We spent another year at Spirit Song! We didn’t see as many favorite this year as last but we had a blast going out and seeing the artist that were there. Not sure if we are going again in 2014 but I hope that we do!

6. Ephriam started 3rd grade and Kendra started 2nd grade. Both have teaches that they love and are having great school years.

7.Ephriam started playing baseball in Joe Nuxhall’s Miracle League. He LOVES every minute of playing with his buddy and can’t wait for it to start in the spring!  Kendra started taking ballet classes and is loving every minute and has already talked about taking them again next year.

8. We celebrated 1 year of being attenders at Lifepoint Church. God certainly knew what he was doing for us when he put us there. Words can not even begin to say how well we fit in there with the loving community that we call family.

9. Of course we have enjoy all our trips to see family through the year. Looking forward to more trips in 2014 from Louisville, Nashville, Toledo, and where ever else the road may lead us!

10. Oh and how could I have forgotten that I celebrated being married for 10 years to the best man God could have ever given me.  In 10 years we have been through A LOT and it has not killed us but brought us closer together. Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring usl

What are the highlights for your year?

Look forward next week to goals of 2014.