P90 Week 2

So I was going to put an update in on Monday and now it is Friday. Monday my son had a seizure at school so that since a wrench into the whole week.

So week 1: I missed one workout on Wednesday because I worked Tuesday night and had work meeting that ran till noon and had to go back into work Wednesday night. This ment only 3 hours of sleep for me so I did not workout. My eating was good and I mostly followed my meal plan.

Week 2: I have done all my workouts so far. I just need to do todays and tomorrows. My eating has sucked. I am going to focus harder on that in week 3. Today is grocery day so I will meal plan then go to the grocery and make sure when I get home from the grocery store I cut up all the veggies and fruits to have them ready to eat.

I have gained a couple pounds so far. I expect this as I build muscle first before I lose the fat. Plus with my eating game not 100% it is to be expected too.

I am happy with my consitency in my workouts and my increase in my drinking of water. I am ready for Feb 28th which is my first official dayshift.


I have decided to use this blog as a way to keep track of my personal health goals. Instead of using it to document family fun or things that have been going on because if you look back I really stink at that. I am not using this for other people to keep track of. I actually get sick of seeing all my friends post about how they lose weight and their workouts. I do like a good foodie picture every now and again.

So here it begins. On Monday January 7th I will start P90 after my 90 days of that I am going to do Yoga for a month then on to T25. Hopefully this gets me halfway through the year. I hope to lose a total of 20 lbs this year. That is what I have gained in 2018.

How am I going to do this? Having a plan is a good first step! Plans to acheive goals are meal planning because eating is 75% of the problem and working out is only 25%. This means that I will meal plan for each meal and snack that I am going to eat. That is right, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks will all be planned out. Once I have done this for the week then I can just not think about it. Look at the list and move on. This also means eating lots of vegetables and finding different ways to eat them. I got this. I can do it. I like vegetables. One way to plan for this is to have them precut up for the week and readily avaliable.

The biggest part this year will be my move from nightshift to dayshift. Afther 13 years on nightshift it is time to join the ‘normal’ world and have a regular routine. I know this will play a huge factor into my journey. This will be the hardest part. I know I can do it.