P90 Week 2

So I was going to put an update in on Monday and now it is Friday. Monday my son had a seizure at school so that since a wrench into the whole week.

So week 1: I missed one workout on Wednesday because I worked Tuesday night and had work meeting that ran till noon and had to go back into work Wednesday night. This ment only 3 hours of sleep for me so I did not workout. My eating was good and I mostly followed my meal plan.

Week 2: I have done all my workouts so far. I just need to do todays and tomorrows. My eating has sucked. I am going to focus harder on that in week 3. Today is grocery day so I will meal plan then go to the grocery and make sure when I get home from the grocery store I cut up all the veggies and fruits to have them ready to eat.

I have gained a couple pounds so far. I expect this as I build muscle first before I lose the fat. Plus with my eating game not 100% it is to be expected too.

I am happy with my consitency in my workouts and my increase in my drinking of water. I am ready for Feb 28th which is my first official dayshift.

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