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Why Ragtag?

I pulled the word out of our church’s vision statement:

“Imagine a ragtag collection of surrendered and transformed people who love God and others. They are mesmerized by the idea that this is not about them, but all about Jesus. They are transfixed by His story and His heart for their city.

They are seedthrowers and firestarters, hope peddlers and grace-givers, risktakers and dreamers, young and old. They link arms with anyone who tells the story of Jesus. They empower the poor, strengthen the weak, embrace the outcast, seek the lost. They serve together, play together, worship together, live life together. Their city will change because God sent them.

They are us.

We believe that small things done with great love will change the world.”

Being a follower of Jesus is the hardest thing I have done in my life. Because we are all sinners it means that everyday I fail. I am beaten, torn, and holey. However, everyday I try my best to be like Jesus.  And even if I am a rag by the time I go home, I know that Jesus loves me and wants me to keep trying. I even know that Jesus likes me.

How about the Mama?

I believe this is the second hardest thing I have done. To be a Mom. How do I as a sinner raise other sinners? Some days are good and some days are bad but I love doing it. I love hearing them laugh or seeing them smile. I don’t like them to cry or be sad. The added challenge of having a child with some special needs has added a new appreciation to thing. He tries so hard yet his brain just doesn’t know how to tell his muscles to move. Luckily at this point we think that he will one day be a ‘normal’ kid. On the other hand I have a child who is advanced for her age. She is more of a challenge because she can do more. She also gives me joy because she takes care of her brother. She always makes things fair for him. She too wants to see him excel.

So that is why I chose this domain. I am a Ragtag Mama.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a friend, to many different people. I have been happily (for the most part) married to my husband Chris for almost 10 years. In the first 2 years of our marriage we became parents, twice, to Ephriam and Kendra. I am also learning to be like Jesus. Following Jesus is not an easy thing to do but I try. I hope that I put forth my best everyday. I am not however a Stay at home mom. I work outside the house as nurse on the ICU step down unit  So my plate is full but I enjoy most of it. I hope that you enjoy the blog and leave a comment every now and again. Thanks.


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