Family Night-Carlos’ Birthday

As most of you know we as a family have sponsored a child through Compassion! Shortly after we sponsored him he had a birthday (on 9/26) and what better way to celebrate then to have a family night (on 9/27)!

Kendra had a hard time getting that he wouldn’t be here with us. She thought that she was going to help him blow out his candles. The one good thing though is that she asks about him often. Ephriam was just happy to celebrate someone’s birthday to have cake! He loves to point at the cake and say “Happy Birthday?”

We had a late dinner due to earlier events in the day so it was just dinner and cake. Next Family Night will be more then that.

So here are some pictures:

Here is the table.  The kids set it so that is why everyone’s plate is in the corner

My Plate. As you can see we Americanized a little bit what Carlos eats every day. I even spiced things up and Chris still said it was bland.

Kendra’s plate.

Ephriam’s plate. They both wanted me to take pictures of their plates too.

The cake. Okay so the cake was still warm when I went to frost it(due to rushing to get it done) and he writing drifted. However it tasted great.

Singing “Happy Birthday to Carlos” and the kids getting ready to blow out the candles.

Ephriam was more interested in his cake then in me taking his picture!

Kendra on the other hand is always ready to ham it up for the camera

Christopher taking a bite.

And me trying not to laugh and take a bite.

Next Family Night will happen next week. Hopefully I will be done getting you caught up on life here and will share new pictures with you.


Family Night-Zoo

So it seems like it has been a while since we have had a Family Night but instead of doing Family Night we had a Family Day! We started out eating breakfast ALL together. We are not really morning people so this was a big deal, even though we all just had cereal. After breakfast we headed out to Ephriam’s DDBP appointment to get his finally results of all his testing. If you want to know more about that you can find it out here. After that was over we headed out to the zoo. So here are the pictures….

So here are the hangings from the ceiling fan. These are actually die cuts that are from my scrapbooking stash. The most enjoyable part is when BOTH kids came into the dinning room they said “Family Night!”

Here are the kids eating breakfast. Again we are not morning people so no pictures of Chris or I.

Here is Chris and the kids at the new entrance! If you didn’t notice it its raining and it did all day. And it lead to this:

Yes, it took Kendra a GOOD deal of time to get used the rain even though this happened most of time:

Daddy is her hero for holding her hand and keeping her under the umbrella.

Of course there were lots of animals too see:

One of the advantage to our zoo membership is that we get to feed the giraffes for free! So here is each of us taking our turn:

I messed up on Chris’ picture you can’t hardly see him or see the giraffe.

Notice here the giraffe’s tongue. Of course Chris is a good shot with the camera!

There was a break from the rain and a good chance to take a picture in front of some of the flowers.

Of course on the way home we all started to crash:

Even Me:

How about you? What did you do for a Family Night or Day?


Family Night- Pajama Party

Kendra had been talking about our last family night for a while so I thought it was time to do another one since I was off this weekend. So here we go:

Our decorations. Ephriam was up from his nap when I brought them upstairs to hang and he was totally pumped.

The table cloth. Ephriam got to put the stars on the table.

Ephriam in his PJ’s

Kendra in her PJ’s

How your picture comes out when you ask your 2 yr old to take it.

How it turns out when you take it yourself. (okay so Chris took the picture but it turned out better then Kendra’s attempt).

Kendra’s second attempt. Better but still not so hot.

Getting ready to make their own pizzas!

Their finished pizza!

Chris and I finished pizzas. Can you guess whos is whos?

Time to Eat them!

And for dessert: Aunt Cindy’s Dream Dessert.

Now watch Ephriam eat his:

Do you think he liked it?

Here is Sissy with hers I think she enjoyed it too!

Here is what we did after dinner:

Chris’ view of the movie.

Kendra sugglin’ up with me.

Ephriam sugglin’ with Chris.

The after mess:

Chris and the kids’ shared popcorn. I however didn’t want popcorn and made myself a fruit and yogurt parfait with some granola. Kendra kept picking the granola off the yogurt so I gave her just a bowl of granola. For several days now she has asked for more ‘nola. Needless to say after this mess I make her eat it at the table.

So tell me what did you do for Family Night?


Gatlinburg Day 3 and another Family Night

We spent the morning hanging out at the cabin. We really didn’t go anywhere or do much. But here are some fun pictures from that morning:

Here is Luke looking cute!

Hamming it up for the camera.

Ephriam playing with the blinds.

Kendra and Luke reading a book together.

Nap time ment crash time.

More guitar hero.

Kendra taking a picture after I did.

After nap time we all headed to the pool for a while. It was nice to be out swimming and taking advantage of the warm weather. Again no pictures because both Chris and I were in the pool with the kids.

The 3 amigos watch the Wiggles

Family Night Starts: Yes it would be unusual that we would do 2 Family Nights in  a row but when you are all together two nights is awesome!

The kids eating dinner together.

The line to get dinner.

The coffee club

Uncle Tom,Uncle Mike, and Aunt Star eating out on the deck.

The mini family reunion.

We weren’t up quite as late that night since we were all going to prepare to leave in the morning. It was nice to see everyone and we can’t wait to do it again next year!